Description & Mission of the Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is the communication spokesperson to and for the local citizenry. The Clerk's office is the first door of government accessed by individuals seeking information and resolution to issues and problems. The Clerk's office is deeply dedicated and involved in the community, offering patient and compassionate advice in a professional and personable manner.
2019 dog licensing begins tuesday january 2

Who must License?
All dogs in the Town of South Hadley must be licensed annually once the dog reaches six months old.  beagle dog wearing dog license

Licensing Fees 
The annual fees for licensing your dogs are as follows:
Spayed or neutered                   $10.00            
Unaltered (male or female)        $15.00

Late Fees
Applications for a license received after March 31st will be assessed a late fee of $15, along with the license fee.

When Do I License My Dog?
Current licenses expire on March 31st, 2019. The Clerk's Office begins issuing new licenses in January because reminders are included with the annual town census.

View more information on licensing your dog

2019 Annual Town Census

South Hadley residents receive the Annual Town Census form in the mail in January each year. General Laws of Massachusetts mandate an annual street listing of residents as of January 1 each year. When you get the form in the mail update the information provided by adding, deleting, or making changes below the printed information. Please sign and respond within ten days, even if no changes are necessary.

If you are a dog owner, you may use the attached dog registration form to register your dog. All dogs need to be registered annually, as required by Massachusetts law. View more information on licensing your dog.