Public Works

The South Hadley Department of Public Works is comprised of the following divisions:
  • Administration & Engineering.
  • Highway (Including Vehicle Maintenance).
  • Parks - Responsible for the maintenance of Town parks, fields, and other grounds. 
  • Solid Waste - Responsible for curbside collection and the operation of the Town's Recycling Center and Compost Area.
  • Water Pollution Control.
  1. Buttery Brook Calendar

    Browse through out Buttery Brook calendar for upcoming events.

  2. Curbside Trash & Recycling Calendar

    View our trash and recycling schedule on our calendar.

  3. Divisions

    Find the following divisions: Engineering Division, Highway Division, Parks Division, Solid Waste Division, and Water Pollution Control Division.

  4. Downloadable Forms

    Find a list of downloadable forms by division.

  5. Landfill Expansion

    Browse through landfill expansion agreement, exhibit, and a 15 minute presentation by Superintendent, Jim Reidy.

  6. Service Request Form

    Fill out our highway service request form is you need to report an issues with the conditions of the road.

  7. Sewer Billing

    All users, abutters, and owners of developed property which can be directly served by a public sewer are subject to a sewer fee.

  8. Stormwater - Phase II

    Learn about the effects of stormwater pollution and runoff.

  9. Tree Warden

    Figure out who to contact in order to have a tree or tree limb removed.

  10. Water Districts

    Find information for both water district 1 and 2.