1. Engineering Division

    The Engineering Division provides the Town of South Hadley with professional engineering management and technical services required to plan, coordinate, develop, design, permit, construct, operate and maintain Town facilities and sewer, storm and roadway infrastructure. The Engineering Division responsibilities also include the Roadway Paving Program, Street Opening Permits, Sewer and Storm Connection Permits and Curb cut/Driveway Permits.

  2. Highway Division

    The Highway Division provides residents with a safe and comprehensive public works infrastructure throughout Town. Division responsibilities include road, highway and bridge maintenance and improvement, tree work and oversight, drainage and sewer system maintenance and oversight, winter snow and ice removal, street sweeping, and the Adopt An Island Program.

  3. Parks Division

    The Parks Division provides grounds keeping for a variety of Town Properties, which includes Town buildings, parks, and schools. Services provided by this division include mowing, landscaping, athletic field marking, repair and maintenance of park facilities and turf management for Town fields. This division also manages Buttery Brook Park, which continues to host a variety of events for Town residents. This Park also has 2 pavilions which are available are rent by residents for a nominal fee. This money is applied directly to cover costs associated with private events held at the park.

  4. Solid Waste Division

    The Solid Waste Division has 3 key areas of responsibility: oversight of curbside collection and disposal of both trash and recyclables for the Town; oversight of the Town owned landfill, which is managed by Interstate Waste Services; and management of both the yard waste / composting site and the recycling center. Allied Waste Services is contracted out by the Town to provide curbside pickup of recyclables and trash; Department of Public Works staff manages the compost site and recycling center.

  5. Water Pollution Control Division

    The Water Pollution Control Division provides oversight, management and / or treatment of the various “dirty waters” generated within the Town, as well as stormwater. Various programs under this division include Inflow and Infiltration (I and I) into the sewer system, Stormwater Management, and the regulation of commercial and industrial wastewater (IPP) to protect both the treatment plant and our natural resources. The treatment plant is responsible for cleaning and treating the sanitary wastewater to levels specified by both the State and EPA for discharge into the Connecticut River in accordance with a federal NPDES Permit