Highway Policies & Procedures

  1. Catch Basin Cleaning Policy

    Cleaning of basins in main roads, bottom of hills, town parking lots, and shallow sumps or seep basins.

  2. Pothole Repair

    Read the policy on roadway repair for potholes.

  3. Resident Reimbursement Requests

    Reimbursement for sewer back-up, plowing damage, vehicle damage, property damage.

  4. Road Marking List

    View our traffic markings list.

  5. Roadside Mowing List

    This operation is performed by the Department of Public Works, a few times each year, with a Holder tractor which has a hammer knife front mower and a hammer-knife,boom flail, over the guardrail mower. Work is performed as time allows.

  6. Sanitary Sewer Call-Out

    Read through our sanitary sewer call-out procedures.

  7. Sewer Maintenance Policy

    Find the sewer maintenance responsibilities and policies.

  8. Sidewalk Plowing

    Read our sidewalk plowing policy.

  9. Snow & Ice Maintenance Requests

    Find the Town's snow and ice maintenance requests policy.

  10. Snow & Ice Procedures

    View the snow and ice procedures mission statement, responsibilities, headquarters, pre-season preparations, vehicles, salting / sanding / de-icing, overtime calls, plowing procedures, plowing routes and procedures, private contractors, sidewalk plowing, damage to private property, after the storm, storm reports, and sand barrels.

  11. Street Sweeping

    Browse through out street sweeping policy.

  12. Traffic Signs

    Find out about traffic signs, road markings, and traffic signals.

  13. Tree Removal & Trimming

    Instructions for normal and emergency tree removal.