Board of Library Trustees

South Hadley Public Library

2 Canal Street

South Hadley, MA 01075

Meeting Notice:


Date: Monday, September 11, 2017 @7:00pm

Location: South Hadley Public Library, 2 Canal Street


  • Call to order
  • Introductions & Joint Meeting with Gaylord Library Trustees
    • Gaylord Branch Library update & discussion
    • Library Director's Report
    • Approval of minutes (vote)
    • Correspondence
    • Motion to Pay the Bills (vote)
    • Unfinished business
    • New business
    • Veterans Day Weekend closure
    • Adjournment

Note: Not all the topics listed in this notice may actually be reached for discussion. In addition, the topics listed are those which the Chair reasonably expects will be discussed as of the date of this posted notice.