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Town of South Hadley General Bylaws

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General Provisioins
Section 100: Title Authority, Amendments
Section 101: Definitions
Section 102: Rules for Interpretation
Section 103: Provisions of General Applicability
Section 104: Savings Provisions
Section 105: Penalties
Town Elections
Section 200: Annual Election
Section 201: Voting Hours and Locations
Section 203: Duties of Elected Officials
Section 204: Elected Officers
Section 205: Office of Town Auditor
Section 206: Term of Office
Section 207: Vacancy
Town Meeting
Section 300: Annual Town Meeting
Section 301: Special Town Meeting
Section 302: Warrants for Town Meeting
Section 303: Appropriations COmmittee
Section 304: Conduct of Town Meeting
Committees, Boards Appointed by the Selectboard
Section 400: Provisions of General Applicability
Section 401: Whiting Street Fund Commissioners
Section 402: Board of Registrars
Section 403: Council on Aging
Section 404: Conservation Commission
Section 405: Recreation Commission
Section 406: Forestry Committee
Section 407: Cable Television and Information Technology Advisory Committee
Section 408: Channel Marking Committee
Section 409: Trustees of the Old Firehouse Museum
Section 410: Historical Commission
Section 411: Reserved For Future Use
Section 412: Canal Park Committee
Section 413: Traffic Sign Committee
Section 414: South Hadley Cultural Council
Section 415: Board of Appeals
Section 416: Golf Commission
Section 417: Associate Planning Board Members
Section 418: Bylaw Review Committee

Committees and Boards Appointed by Others
Section 501: The Personnel Board
Section 502: The Appropriations Committee
Section 503: The Capital Planning Committee
Individuals Appointed by the Selectboard
Section 600: Town Administrator
Section 601: Chief of Police
Section 602: Town Counsel
Section 603: Town Accountant
Section 604: Superintendent of Public Works
Section 605: Management Information Systems Director
Section 606: Ambulance Director
Section 607: Forest Warden
Section 608: Building Commissioner
Section 609: Wiring Inspector
Section 610: Animal Control Officer
Section 611: Constable
Section 612: Fence Viewer
Section 613: Veterans Burial Agent
Section 614: Sealer of Weights and Measures
Section 615: Surveyor of Wood, Lumber
Section 616: Conservation Administrator
Section 617: Recreation Director
Section 618: Council on Aging Director
Section 619: Tree Warden
Section 620: Emergency Management Director
Individuals Appointed by Others
Section 701: Director of Public Health
Section 702: Associate Assessors
Section 703: Town Planner
Section 704: Director of Veterans Services
Section 705: Director of the Public Library
Regulation of Public Conduct
Section 800: Non-Criminal Disposition of Violations of any Bylaw
Section 801: Off-Road Vehicle Restrictions
Section 802: Discharge of Firearms; Archery
Section 803: Discharge of Air, Pellet, Paint-Ball Guns
Section 804: False Alarm
Section 805: Non-Motorized Vehicles
Section 806: Motorized Scooters
Section 807: Alcohol
Section 808: Soliciting
Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Section 900: Definitions
Section 901: Operating Motor Vehicles
Section 902: Traffic Signs, Signals, Marking and Zones
Section 903: Intentionally Omitted
Section 904: Parking
Section 905: Snow Removal
Section 906: Taxicabs
Miscellaneous Bylaws
Section 1000: Annual Report
Section 1001: Finance
Section 1002: Junk and Secondhand Dealers
Section 1003: Licenses
Section 1004: Hawkers and Peddlers
Section 1005: Tag Sales
Section 1006: Automatic Amusement Devices
Section 1007: Nuisances
Section 1008: Trailers
Section 1009: Trees
Section 1010: House Numbers
Section 1011: Dogs
Section 1012: Facility Closings
Section 1013: Regulation of Vending Machines in Public Spaces (5-12-07)
Section 1014: Regulation of Outdoor Lighting (5-12-07)
Personnel Bylaws
Department of Public Works
Telecommunication Rights of Way
Board of Health
Non-Zoning Wetlands Bylaw
Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Jurisdiction
Section 3: Conservation Zone
Section 4: Exemptions and Exceptions
Section 5: Application for Permits and Requests for Determination
Section 6: Notes and Hearing
Section 7: Coordination with Other Boards
Section 8: Burden of Proof
Section 9: Permits, Determinations and Conditions
Section 10: Waivers
Section 11: Regulations
Section 12: Definitions
Section 13: Security
Section 14: Enforcement
Section 15: Appeals
Section 16: Relation to the Wetlands Protection Act
Section 17: Severability
Section 18: Effective Date

Stormwater Management Bylaw
Massachusetts General Laws Accepted by the Town
Acts of the Legislature Accepted by the Town
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