Tree Planting Program

Help South Hadley Plant 500 Trees in 2021!

UPDATE - We are sold out! thank you to all of the South Hadley residents and businesses that ordered 800 trees!! Trees will be available for pick up in early May 2021. If you placed an order, you will be contacted directly to schedule your pick up.

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WHY?  The Town of South Hadley has received a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Action Grant from the Masachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs to address some of the impacts of climate change. Planting trees is a nature-based solution for mitigating some of the effects of climate change. Trees serve many important functions such as storing carbon and producing oxygen, providing shade and reducing heat island effect, capture and treatment of stormwater runoff, prevention of soil erosion, providing habitat, and adding beauty to any landscape. 

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WHO IS ELIGIBLE?  To order trees you must be a South Hadley property owner - residential or business. All trees must be planted in South Hadley. There is no limit on the number of trees per order. We ask that you only order the number of trees that you can commit to planting and caring for to ensure 100% survival of the trees you receive. If you would like to order a tree but are physically unable to plant it yourself, you may request planting assistance on the order form. 

HOW DO I ORDER MY TREES?  All trees are free. Complete the online order form here: TREE ORDER FORM.  If you do not have access to the internet, you may call the office to request a hard copy order form at (413) 538-5030 x6123. All orders are due by December 1, 2020. 

WHEN WILL MY TREES BE AVAILABLE?  Once your order is received, you will receive a confirmation email. Trees will be available for pick up in early May 2021. You will receive an email in the spring with details about the location, date, and time for picking up your tree order.

WHAT TREES ARE AVAILABLE FOR ORDER?  There are 13 tree species to choose from. All trees come in 2-gallon pots and are either 4-6' tall or 3-4' tall. More details about the tree species, size, and preferred site conditions by species can be viewed at our Tree Planting Catalog.

Questions about South Hadley's Tree Planting Program | (413) 538-5030 x6123

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