Queensville Dam & Buttery Brook Restoration

South Hadley is the proud recipient an Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) FY 23 Action Grant to fund the design and permitting of watershed improvements at the Titus Pond Conservation Area and  Buttery Brook watershed, including: 

Removal of the Queensville Dam/Titus Pond impoundment on Route 116/Newton Street,

Restoration and ecological enhancement of the Titus Pond impoundment to increase flood storage capacity and habitat function, and

Downstream watershed improvements along Buttery Brook, including a right-sized replacement crossing at Mountain Avenue (the first downstream crossing below the existing dam) and improvements to the inlet to the buried stream section at Joffre Avenue.

Project Deliverables:

Titus Pond Restoration Design

Mountain Ave Culvert Replacement Design

Public Comment Stations

Bathymetry of Titus Pond

Titus Pond Base Map

Mountain Ave Geotechnical Report

Sediment Quality Memo

Hydrological & Hydraulic Analysis

High School Field Trip

Homeowner's DIY Stormwater Workshop

Homeowner DIY Stormwater Workshop Materials 

Public Engagement Sessions were held on October 26, 2022.

We discussed the conceptual plans designed in the previous phase of this project. The plans can be viewed  by clicking here.