MEMA Advisories & Guidelines

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) are the state agencies charged with coordinating the state's efforts to prepare for Ebola, including building sufficient capacity to respond to and manage suspected or confirmed cases of the disease.

As part of the comprehensive planning effort, MEMA is working with all public safety disciplines - police, fire, EMS, emergency management - to meet their information, planning, training, exercise and equipment needs. MEMA also is working with MDPH to ensure that our public safety and public health systems are effectively planning together, and coordinating with each other, in meeting this new public health threat.

MEMA continues to post information for the public safety community about Ebola on its website. Public safety personnel should check the website on a regular basis for informational bulletins, advisories and guidance on managing suspected or diagnosed cases of Ebola.

MEMA Website Documents

Ebola PPE Guidance for First Responders
This document provides guidance on PPE for first responders who may respond to, or deal with individuals who are suspected of having Ebola.

Municipal Police Training Committee Guidelines for Police Officers
This is a presentation from the Municipal Police Training Committee containing background information on Ebola and updated guidance for police officers who may respond to or deal with individuals who are suspected of having Ebola.

Guidance for EMS Providers
The MPDH Office of Emergency Medical Services issued this advisory to all Massachusetts licensed ambulance providers regarding the response to and assessment, transport and treatment of individuals who are suspected to have Ebola.

MDPH & MEMA Situational Awareness Report: Ebola Monitoring Activities
This is Situation Report No. 1 from DPH and MEMA on our joint Ebola monitoring and preparedness activities.

More Information

In addition, we are providing the following link to an article in the Dallas News regarding a lawsuit against Kimberly Clark, a distributor of PPE.

For additional general and clinical information and guidance on Ebola, go to DPH website.