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Summer Severe Weather Precautions

The recent tornadoes that hit Springfield and several other communities highlight the importance of being prepared for severe weather which can occur with little or no notice. While we can't avoid or prevent such occurrences, we can take steps to minimize our exposure and the resulting damage or injury that such weather can cause.

Step 1: Know Weather Forecasts

The first step is to be aware of weather forecasts and the potential for severe weather. Summertime in New England is prime thunderstorm time and storms can vary in intensity, duration and predictability. It is important to check the weather forecast from time to time, especially if there has been any indication of severe weather and if you have any outdoor plans, especially away from your home.

Step 2: Prepare

The next step is to prepare yourself and your family. There are several websites which provide excellent information on preparedness for severe weather events. One such website is Their thunderstorm and lightning guidance can be found on the website.

Another more local source of information is

Both of these websites discuss the planning and preparation which you and your family can take to protect yourselves from the effects of severe weather. Any questions should be addressed to the Emergency Management Department.

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