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Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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  1. Jeff Cyr


    Term expires: April 2024

  1. Andrea Miles


    Term expires: April 2023

  1. Renee Sweeney


    Term expires: April 2025

  1. Carol Constant

    Vice Chair

    Term expires: April 2024

  1. Nicole Casolari


    Term expires: April 2026

Mission Statement
Selectboard members serve a term of three years, with one or two elected each year. As chief administrative officers of the town, Selectboard members are responsible throughout the year for implementing the decisions of Town Meeting. They are the town’s legal agent; the commissioners of highways and sewers and of police; the board of public welfare; and the license board, holding hearings on license applications for the sale of alcoholic beverages, storage of gasoline, etc. They draw up the warrant for every Town Meeting. They appoint most of the non-elected officials and boards but not the Committee on Appropriations. The chair shares in appointing special committees.

Budget and Financial Information

Reports from the Appropriations Committee, historical budget books, bonding schedules, and Town Meeting warrant presentations/information can all be found on the Budget and Financial Information page.

Read the 2020 Summer Ledges Golf Course Report here.

South Hadley's financial policies can be read here.

Addressing Systemic Racism in The Community - An Ongoing Effort

A survey / questionnaire about the South Hadley Police Department was created and made available to residents in June. South Hadley Police Chief Jennifer Gundersen addressed resident questions and concerns about policing in South Hadley during a June 23, 2020 Selectboard Meeting.  Minutes from the meeting can be read here and video coverage of the full meeting can be viewed here. The discussion on policing begins at the 15:20 minute mark. 

Former Town Administrator Michael J. Sullivan addresses diversity and inclusion in the workplace here in this July 14 town administrator report and in this Aug. 11 town administrator report. He also discusses Chief Gundersen’s Unbiased Policing internal policy and traffic stop demographics from 2016 to present in this report, here.

Chief Gundersen has outlined the department's Unbiased Policing Commitment, here and outlined the department's professional standards, here.  For more information, visit the South Hadley Police Department website, here.  

The Selectboard in June collectively released this statement asserting their stance against racism:

Selectboard Statement Against Racism - as voted June 30, 2020

Following the recent and ongoing acts of violence against the Black community, it has become clear that cities and towns across the United States need to reexamine racism in their communities. 

The South Hadley Selectboard stands against racism in all forms, including, but not limited to violence, racism in language, in publications and teachings, and in behavior. We stand in mournful solidarity with all of those in the Black community who have lost loved ones to racist acts of violence. Further, we stand with those who have lost their rights and their voices based on the color of their skin.

It is the commitment of the South Hadley Selectboard to proactively seek out and address racism across our town and within our municipal government. From investigating policing, to reviewing housing, transportation, and planning policies, addressing racism as a public health crisis, offering trainings for our municipal employees, and working with the schools, we will not be silent.

Likewise, we call on the entire South Hadley community to not only commit to non-racist behavior, but to commit to act in anti-racist ways whenever racism is encountered. We call on the community to become educated on racism in all forms, passive and active, and the Selectboard will regularly and intentionally engage with all boards, committees, and commissions to ensure that South Hadley is no home for racism.

Let us be mindful of the humanity inside each of us and rise to meet the needs of the Black community with love, dignity, and respect. 


South Hadley Selectboard

Jeff Cyr, chair

Sarah Etelman, vice chair

Chris Geraghty, clerk

Andrea Miles, member

Bruce Forcier, member

Open Meeting Law Violation Re: Statement on Racism

Read the final ruling, here.

Solid Waste & Recycling 

On Feb. 8, 2020, the Selectboard hosted a community forum on the current nationwide status of solid waste and recycling, and the options into which South Hadley is looking for when its current trash hauler contract expires.  Watch video coverage of the forum below. 

Selectboard member Jeff Cyr and then-member Bruce Forcier were members of a trash sub-committee tasked with reviewing proposals for a new hauler contract. Click here to read the new contract between the Town of South Hadley and its trash hauler Republic Services. 

A breakdown of the need to increase transfer station fees and the annual trash fee in 2020 can be found here. 

Solid Waste Public Forum: 2/8/20 from SHCTV15

Compilation of community questions about a proposal submitted to reopen the South Hadley Landfill.

View the Powerpoint presentation given Feb. 8, 2020 on trash and recycling, here.

Analyze the amount of trash thrown out in each Massachusetts community with this PDF.

Compare Mass DEP's Sustainable Materials Recovery Program's Pay As You Throw initiative here and the  Sustainable Materials Recovery Program's Wheeled Recycling Carts initiative here.

Americans With Disabilities Act 

In accordance with the 2010 ADA Standards, an assessment of the town’s public facilities inclusive of public buildings, active and passive recreation facilities, and schools must be conducted to identify barriers to programs and services. 

Read the ADA Summary, here.

Read the Self-evaluation and Transition Plan Cost Estimate, here

Traffic Control and Signage Requests from the South Hadley Traffic Sign Committee

This report is intended to seek the Selectboard’s guidance and direction on some traffic safety and calming strategies and ideas.  This is not an exhaustive study of traffic concerns throughout the Town of South Hadley, nor should the area mentioned in the report be considered the only intersection in need of improvements in making South Hadley residents safer from vehicle related accidents. To read the report, click here. 

Open Meeting Law/Policy Seminar for Boards & Committees

South Hadley Town Counsel Mead Talerman Costa conducted a seminar Sept. 18, 2019 South Hadley board and committee chairs covering a range of subjects  including:
  • Open Meeting Laws (email communications, conversations outside of a posted meeting)
  • Conflict of Interest (steps needed to acknowledge a conflict, ethics violations)
  • Board/Committee Policies (parameters of power and responsibility, member responsibility, chairperson responsibility)
  • And other related subject matter
To review MTC's PowerPoint presentation, click here.