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Boat Excise Bills

About Your Boat Excise Bill

The boat excise is imposed for the privilege of using the waterways of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Anyone who owns a vessel on July 1 will be assessed an excise tax bill. Payment is due 60 days after the bill is issued.

Boat Excise Rate

The rate is $10 per $1,000 of valuation.

Abatement Requests

All abatement requests are processed by the Assessor's Office.

Late Payments

If a boat excise bill is not paid within 60 days from the date of issue a demand bill is sent. The charge for a demand bill is $30. Interest accrues on the overdue bill from the day after the due date until payment is received. The interest rate on excise is 12%.

If the demand bill is not paid within 14 days, the collector may issue a warrant to the deputy tax collector. The deputy collector sends the warrant notice to the taxpayer with an additional fee of $10. The deputy collector issues a warrant notice at a cost of $12. If payment is still not received the deputy will deliver a service warrant with an additional $17 fee.

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