Engineering Division

Road Moratorium List

Road NameMoratorium Ends
McKinley Ave2023
Pearl St (Elmer Brook to Bach Lane)2023
Gaylord St2024
N. Main St (W Summit to Pheasant Run)2025
Old Lyman Rd2025
Park St (Morgan St to MHC Equestrian Center)2026
Alvord St (Brainerd St to Lathrop St)2026
Woodbridge St (Rt 116 to Chileab)2026
Dayton St 2027
Fulton St2027
Lyman St (Rt 202 to Fulton St)2027
Ludlow Rd2028
Bolton St2028
Walnut St2028
Douglas Ave2028
Bombardier Ave2028
Camden St2028
College View Hgts (Chapel Hill to Cul de Sac)2028
Stonegate Dr2028
San Souci Dr (Sunrise Cir to the "Loop")2028
Garden St2028
Lathrop St (Brainerd to Lathrop)2028
Alvord St (Lathrop to Pine @ Alvord)2028
Sunset Ave2028
River Rd (Cove Island to the dirt part)2028
Abbey St (Plainville Cir to Rt 33)2028
Rita Cir2028
Wellington Ave2028
MASS DOT Jurisdiction
1) Granby Road (Rt. 202)
2) Newton Street (Rt. 116)
*Between Morgan St. & the South Ramp to Rt. 202
*Between Amherst Rd. & the Granby town line
*Between Hollywood St. & the Chicopee town line