Sidewalk Plowing

  1. In the Fall, the Department of Public Works (DPW) will review the sidewalk plowing list from the previous winter season and make any alterations, as deemed necessary (ex.: sidewalk width, traffic usage, conditions)
  2. The Selectboard will be presented this list, along with the Snow and Ice Removal Policy packet at a November meeting, for their review, suggestions and approval.
  3. The sidewalk plowing list will include walks on main roadways which provide ways of access for school children and the elderly. The business districts in the Falls area and the Center area will also be accommodated. One side of most of the main roadways will be designated for plowing, to provide one path of unimpeded access. The decision which side will be plowed will be made after reviewing walkway conditions, sign placement, width, and traffic use, especially related to business access and pedestrian safety (crosswalks, crossing lights, etc.).
  4. Sidewalk plowing Must begin within 24 hours after the End of the snowstorm. It should be noted that this task varies in difficulty from event to event based on snow/ice/rain severity and conditions. This process will be ongoing for a few days after the end of a storm. Sidewalk plowing is the last event undertaken during the snow removal process. Road conditions and traffic safety (snowbanks, ice, snow removal) are first responsibilities, followed by sidewalk plowing. Sidewalk plowing will begin on the main roads: Route 116, Route 33, Route 202, and continue around the main sidewalks adjacent to schools and the elderly complexes, and then continue on to the Town Common area and Falls business districts. The routes may vary from storm to storm, but these guidelines should be adhered to, as closely as possible.