E through L

Street NameDayRoute Number
Eagle DriveMonday4
East Carew StreetThursday7
East Parkview DriveThursday2
East StreetThursday2
Easy StreetMonday4
Edgewater LaneTuesday10
Edison DriveThursday2
Elm StreetThursday7
Enterprise StreetFriday3
Faculty RoadTuesday10
Fairlawn StreetFriday3
Fairmont AvenueFriday3
Fairview StreetFriday3
Fernandes DriveTuesday10
Ferry StreetTuesday10
Foch AvenueWednesday6
Forest DriveMonday4
Frederick PlaceMonday9
Fulton StreetFriday3
Garden StreetFriday3
Gaylord StreetThursday7
Glen StreetFriday3
Glenn DriveMonday4
Grace StreetTuesday5
Granby Road (Plains School to Granby Line)Monday4
Granby Road (Plains School to Newton Street)Tuesday5
Grandview StreetTuesday5
Grant StreetThursday7
Graves StreetThursday7
Greenacre RoadMonday4
Greenwood LaneWednesday1
Grove StreetFriday3
Hadley StreetWednesday1
Haig AvenueWednesday6
Harlow PlaceThursday7
Hartford StreetThursday7
Harvard StreetMonday4
Harwich PlaceMonday9
Helm StreetMonday4
Henry RoadFriday3
Hickory PlaceMonday4
High StreetFriday8
Highland AvenueMonday9
Hildreth AvenueFriday3
Hillcrest AvenueTuesday5
Hillcrest ParkTuesday5
Hillside AvenueTuesday5
Hollywood StreetTuesday5
Hunter TerraceWednesday6
Ingram StreetThursday7
Ivy LaneMonday9
Jewett LaneTuesday10
Joan StreetFriday3
Joffre AvenueWednesday6
John LaneTuesday5
Judd StreetMonday9
Karen DriveMonday4
Kendrick StreetFriday3
Kimberly DriveFriday8
Lakeview AvenueTuesday5
Lamb StreetThursday7
Landers StreetWednesday6
Lansing StreetWednesday6
Lathrop StreetFriday8
Lathrop VillageThursday7
Laurie AvenueTuesday5
Lawn StreetWednesday6
Lawrence AvenueTuesday5
Leahey AvenueTuesday10
Leblanc DriveMonday9
Lesperance CourtThursday7
Lexington StreetFriday3
Lincoln AvenueWednesday6
Linda StreetFriday8
Linden DriveFriday8
Lithia Springs RoadWednesday1
Lloyd StreetFriday3
Lois AvenueMonday4
Lombard StreetMonday4
Loretta StreetMonday4
Lorraine AvenueTuesday5
Los Angeles StreetTuesday5
Ludlow RoadTuesday5
Lyman StreetFriday3
Lyman TerraceMonday4
Lynch PlaceWednesday6