While South Hadley offers a wide range of opportunities and services, the people make the community a a warm and welcoming place to live and to visit. With a population of approximately 17,300, the community has a density of only 945 persons per square mile. Some areas are more developed than others, but South Hadley has considerable open space for its residents and visitors to enjoy.

Population Growth & Demographics
Over the past several decades, South Hadley has grown at a steady pace of approximately 500 persons per decade. We are projected to continue this steady growth.

Reflecting the shifting demographics in the country and the state, South Hadley also has an aging population. From 1980 to 2000, the elderly population (65+) grew from 12% to 17.4% of the population. At the same time, the school age population (under 20 years of age) experienced a decline as a share of the total population.

Economic Statistics
Economically, South Hadley is diverse. While residents generally have an income above that of the Springfield Metropolitan area, some neighborhoods have median incomes exceeding that of the state yet other neighborhoods have incomes below the Springfield area. With a household poverty rate of less than 6% in 2000, the community does not have chronic poverty issues.