Fuel Assistance

How It Works

The Massachusetts Fuel Assistance Program helps needy families by paying a portion of their heating bills from November 1 to April 30. If you are on a low or fixed income, we encourage you to apply.

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Who Should Apply

Renters and homeowners who pay for their own heat. Renters whose heat is included in their rent. (Those who have a housing subsidy must not receive a utility allowance.) Eligibility is based on the number of people in your household and the combined gross (before taxes) income of all persons residing in the household.

Income Guidelines

Family Size
Income Limit

If you are a first-time program applicant you must apply in person. The Fuel Assistance Program has interview sites in Greenfield and Northampton.  Information can be found at www.communityaction.us.  All appointments must be made through the main office by calling 1-800-370-0940. Or, South Hadley seniors, 60 years of age or over, may apply by making an appointment here at the Council on Aging by calling 413-538-5030 with Ann Andras, Social Service Coordinator.