Conservation Land Regulations

South Hadley Conservation Land Regulations
Promulgated by the South Hadley Conservation Commission pursuant to the authority granted to it under the Conservation Commission Act (MA General Law Chapter 40 Section 8c). Approved by the Conservations Commission at a public meeting on November 17, 2010. The following regulations are in effect:
  • No unauthorized motorized vehicles allowed
  • No alcoholic beverages, no glass bottles
  • Pack-in, pack-out and do not litter
  • No open fires
  • Conservation areas are open from dawn to dusk
  • All passive outdoor activities that take place within 100 feet of wetlands or water shall be confined to existing trails
  • All horseback riding and mountain bikes shall be restricted to existing trails
  • Plants may not be cut or removed other than for scientific purposes and as specifically authorized by the Conservation Commission
  • Dogs must be leashed or under voice control at all times
  • Please pick up after your dog
  • Fishing is allowed and must comply with all Massachusetts Laws