Absentee Voting / Voting By Mail

Because the state legislature did not pass an extension to the temporary state laws that allowed no-excuse voting by mail in 2020 and 2021, absentee ballots are currently the only option to vote by mail. You can find information on who qualifies for an absentee ballot on the state's elections website.

To apply to vote absentee by mail, submit the Absentee Ballot Application or any signed request for a ballot to the Town Clerk's Office by mail, Town Hall drop box or by emailing a scan or photo of the signed form.

The Town Clerk will mail information in February to voters to confirm precincts and polling locations and provide any updates on vote by mail options.

Voter Registration

Look up your voter registration status especially if you recently moved or changed your registration from one community to another. You are only eligible to vote in the community where you are currently registered.

There is a detailed explanation of the registration process on the State website.

You can register online through the Secretary of State website if you have a MA drivers license. You can also print the voter registration form and submit it by mail, Town Hall drop box or by emailing a scan or photo of the signed form.

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Voter Information

Find out who can register, how to register, deadlines to register, annual census, and where you go to vote.

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