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1. What type of government does South Hadley have?
2. Do all municipal departments fall under the Selectboard?
3. When does town meeting meet?
4. How can I meet with the Selectboard?
5. Where can I obtain the Town Bylaws?
6. Where do I get a burning permit?
7. Where do I get a tag sale license?
8. Who do I talk to regarding a development in Town?
9. How do I go about getting a traffic sign installed?
10. Are there any employment openings?
11. Who can I talk to about damage to my vehicle due to poor road conditions such as potholes?
12. Where can I get a trash pickup or recycling schedule and / or landfill stickers?
13. Who do I contact regarding a barking dog and or dogs running loose?
14. Who do I contact regarding parking tickets?
15. How can I find an owner of a particular property?
16. Where can I find information about licenses?
17. Where can I find answers to my questions about sewer use fee abatements?