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Who qualifies for an abatement?
You may be entitled to an abatement (or refund if the excise is paid) if: Your boat is valued for more than the amount listed in the schedule established by G.L. Ch. 60B §2(c). Failure to have filed your Boat Excise Return with the assessors by August 1 may limit or even bar any abatement you may otherwise have been granted, Your boat is exempt from the excise under G.L. Ch. 60B §3, You sell, trade or otherwise transfer ownership of the boat during the same fiscal year, You move to another state, and if required to register the boat, register it there and cancel or not renew your Massachusetts registration, during the same fiscal year, Please contact our office to find out what information would be necessary to receive an abatement, and You are not entitled to an abatement if you (1) cancel your registration and retain ownership of the boat, or (2) change the location or registration of the boat to another Massachusetts city or town, during the same fiscal year.

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1. What is boat excise?
2. Who must pay?
3. To what community is this paid?
4. What is the rate?
5. What is the minimum tax?
6. How are the vessels valued?
7. Where is the billing information derived from?
8. Who qualifies for an abatement?
9. Where must I file for an abatement?
10. Where do I get an application for abatement?
11. When must I file for an abatement?
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