What is the process for changing the zoning classification of a piece of property?

This process is governed by Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 40A. Since South Hadley has a representative town meeting form of government, the town follows specific process, which is detailed below:

  1. Submittal of a written request to the Selectboard through the Town Administrator specifying the existing zoning district of the subject property and the zoning district being sought.  You need to identify the property address and Assessor Map and Parcel information.
  2. The Selectboard will need to vote to refer the matter to the Planning Board for a public hearing and a report to Town Meeting.
  3. The Planning Board will need to hold a public hearing on the matter and will need to post the notice of the public hearing in the Town Reminder and send out notices to the "certified abutters". The applicant must pay for the Town Reminder notice as well as the cost of mailing notices to the abutters. The Town will submit the notice to the Town Reminder and request that the applicant be billed. Similarly, the Town will mail notices to the abutters but will bill the applicant $50 plus the cost of postage. However, the applicant will also need to request the abutters list and mailing labels from the Assessor's Office.
  4. The Selectboard determines when the item is placed on the Town Meeting Warrant. If this occurs more than 6 months after the Planning Board public hearing, the public hearing must be conducted anew.
  5. Most zoning bylaw and map amendments require a vote of 2/3's of the Town Meeting members present (South Hadley has a 120 member Town Meeting).
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