How will the plan be funded?

As a requirement of MGL 121B, the Urban Renewal Plan must identify funding sources for every action.  Since the SHRA does not currently possess funds, seed funding will be sought through grants, Town allocation, parcel transfers from the town to the SHRA or a mix or all options.  As the SHRA gains funds from completing projects, any revenue received will be used on future projects in the plan.  It is important to note that the plan, while it includes a tentative budget, is not a Town budgetary document.  Town Meeting approval of the plan does not commit the Town to funding any part of it.  Any subsequent requests for Town funding will be subject to approval by the appropriate committees and by Town Meeting Members.

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1. Why are we concentrating our redevelopment efforts in South Hadley Falls?
2. Do we have a vision and a strategy for redeveloping South Hadley Falls
3. Did you take public input into consideration when you chose the actions in the plan?
4. What part of South Hadley Falls is the main focus of the redevelopment effort?
5. What is a Redevelopment Authority?
6. What does an urban renewal plan look like?
7. What does South Hadley’s redevelopment plan do to improve the infrastructure in the target redevelopment area of South Hadley Falls?
8. How does this plan attempt to attract developers to South Hadley Falls?
9. Why would a parcel acquisition by the South Hadley Redevelopment Authority be necessary?
10. Can the plan be amended?
11. How come not all vacant or blighted buildings/lots are included in the plan?
12. How will the plan be funded?
13. If I have a property in the South Hadley Falls Plan area, will it restrict what I can do with it?
14. When will the actions in the plan take place?
15. How can I keep up with the implementation of the plan?
16. Is the Urban Renewal Plan the same as a Master Plan?
17. What will the plan do for me?
18. What won’t the plan do for me?
19. Is the South Hadley Redevelopment Authority acquiring my property as a part of this plan?