Temporary Extension of Premises: Outdoor Dining Area on Private Property/Parking Lot



The Town of South Hadley would like to assist businesses in increasing activity and revenues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This guidance is a step-by-step instruction manual if you would like to use a private parking lot or land adjacent to your restaurant to allow for outdoor dining temporarily during the COVID-19 pandemic. This approval process is only available to those restaurants which have received all local approvals, including the maintenance of all current requisite inspections, necessary to operate as a restaurant and, where applicable, serve alcohol for consumption on premises, and which are in full compliance with the Town of South Hadley bylaws, rules, regulations.

Before the private parking lot or land is used for the benefit of the restaurant, the owner or his/her/their designee, shall submit the following information to the town and it will be reviewed. The town is prepared to expedite this process as much as possible in order to assist the business community.

The following information below is needed. For additional information regarding COVID safety and sector-specific guidance for reopening, go to:

Tp submit an application visit the Viewpoint Cloud permitting platform below and look under Selectbaord.

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