Why should South Hadley residents be concerned?
Storm and ground waters are "clean" waters, which take up capacity in the sewer system. This can result in overflows to the environment, which is a violation for the town and must be reported to the State and EPA.

The discharge of "clean" waters to the municipal sewer system is prohibited under the Sewer Use Rules and Regulations for the Town of South Hadley. One component of the I and I Control Plan is to develop a formal program for addressing residential I and I in accordance with these regulations.

Conveying and treating "clean" water costs the town money.

Significant amounts of "clean" water in the system can disrupt the operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, making it more difficult to adequately treat the dirty water and maintain compliance with the Discharge Permit.

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1. What is infiltration and inflow?
2. Why should South Hadley residents be concerned?
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