Management & Planning

The Engineering Division assists the superintendent with the overall management of the town's infrastructure and with development of infrastructure projects.

Design Development & Permitting

Design and review activities include:

  • Designing and preparing plans for proposed construction and maintenance projects
  • Permitting town projects with the Conservation Commission and MDEP
  • Reviewing plans for conformance to Towns standards
  • Preparing specifications, estimates of quantities, and cost estimates
  • Coordinating and preparing reports to governmental agencies to fulfill regulatory requirements
  • Reviewing subdivision and site plans for the Planning Board
  • Developing easement plans for foot-ways, roadways, and utility installations

Survey & Inspection

The Engineering Division performs surveys, and provides contract administration and inspection of construction for the Department of Public Works (DPW) projects. The Engineering Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with approved plans and specifications and conformance to applicable design standards, bylaws, special acts, Massachusetts General Laws, and standard engineering practices. This includes conducting field surveys and project management for:

  • DPW maintenance projects
  • Sidewalk and driveway apron construction
  • Drainage installations
  • Sewer line location and construction
  • Parking lot and road surveys
  • Subdivision construction
  • Other DPW construction contracts

Town Plans & Records

The Engineering Division maintains the Town plans, files, and records for the coordination of Town projects. Plans include Town plans, Aerial photographs, construction, and easement plans, as-built drawings and Street acceptance plans. Files and records include traffic counts, Capital Improvement contracts, state and local permits, and records relating to road, drainage, sewer, and landfill construction projects.

Sanitary & Storm Sewers

Provides engineering management of sanitary and storm sewers within the Town.

Accepted & Unaccepted Ways (Public Ways & Private Ways)

The Engineering Division maintains records and plans of public and private streets in Town.