Public Works

The South Hadley Transfer Station and the compost area are closed until further notice 

This closure is to comply with the state social distancing order and to minimize possible contamination/exposure to both residents and staff. Please DO NOT leave green bags or other items at the gate. 

Curbside pick-up by Republic Services will continue as scheduled. Contact Republic Services directly to coordinate an additional weekly pick-up and subsequent subscription fee, if needed. 

Green bags are still required for trash pick-up.

Leaf-pickup / Household Hazardous Waste Day: Republic Services, the company with whom the town contracts to provide curbside pick-up, has deemed yard waste pick-up non-essential during this COVID crisis and time for social distancing. Therefore the spring yard waste collection scheduled for April/May in South Hadley has been cancelled. Administration is working on a possible alternative. The South Hadley Household Hazardous Waste Day scheduled for May 9 has been postponed until further notice.  


Community Forum on Solid Waste & Recycling

As the town’s contract with Republic Services ends in 2020, the town is exploring other methods of trash collection and removal. 

On Feb 8, 2020, the Selectboard hosted a community forum on the current nationwide status of solid waste and recycling, and the options into which South Hadley is looking for when its current trash hauler contract expires.  Watch video coverage of the forum below. 

Selectboard members Jeff Cyr and Bruce Forcier are members of a trash sub-committee tasked with reviewing proposals for a new hauler contract. 

Solid Waste Public Forum: 2/8/20 from SHCTV15 on Vimeo.

                                 DPW DIVISIONS

Solid Waste Division (Trash & Recycling)

The Solid Waste Division of the DPW has two key areas of responsibility: oversight of curbside collection and disposal of both trash and recyclables for the town and management of both the yard waste / composting site and the transfer station. Republic Services is contracted out by the town to provide curbside pickup of recyclables and trash. DPW staff manage the compost site and transfer station. A black and white list of streets and the days their trash is picked up

                                             (2020 trash route schedule (PDF))

                                                         Trash Stickers

Current trash/recycling center/compost stickers are now available at the DPW office at 10 Industrial Drive and the Treasurer/Collector office in town hall. Download the application (PDF).

The $75 Fiscal Year 2020 trash fee must be paid in order to obtain a sticker. All payments must be made at the Collector’s office in town hall or online. The DPW does not take payments for the trash fee.

Highway Division

The Highway Division of the DPW provides residents with a safe and comprehensive public works infrastructure throughout town. Division responsibilities include:

  • Adopt An Island Program
  • DPW vehicle repair and maintenance
  • Drainage and sewer system maintenance and oversight
  • Highway and bridge maintenance and improvement
  • Roads
  • Tree work and oversight

To report a sewer backup or overflow, please call 413-538-5033

Parks Division

The Parks Division of the DPW is based primarily in the big white barn next to the high school field. The division provides groundskeeping for a variety of town properties which include town hall, the town common, Beachgrounds Park, and Canal Park among many others. The department also manages Buttery Brook Park. The DPW handles all reservations and rentals and can provide availability options, general information, and details about any insurance requirement. Please direct all inquiries about facilities and rentals to the DPW at (413) 538-5033.

Water Pollution Control Division

The Water Pollution Control Division of the DPW provides oversight, management and / or treatment of the various types of "dirty waters" generated within the town. This includes the regulation and oversight of commercial and industrial wastewaters to protect both the treatment plant and our natural resources.