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Pothole Repair

  1. Get address of area of concern from the caller. During working hours, the office staff will notify the Highway Superintendent of the area of concern, which will be repaired as soon as possible. After hours, these reports are logged by the answering service, who will then notify the Department of Public Works (DPW) at 8 a.m. the following morning (Monday on weekend call-ins) by fax.
  2. During the seasons where the asphalt plants are operating, potholes will be repaired on a scheduled basis, with emergency reports handled within 24 hours of notification. During the winter months, cold patch will be used, as the hot-mix plants are not operational, and a list will be made of areas of concern, and checked regularly, especially after freezing / thawing cycles, and rain events. This material is a temporary solution to roadway patching, which will be done in a more permanent manner once the asphalt plants have re-opened following winter.
  3. Any resident complaint / concern / report related to vehicle damage must be submitted to the Highway Superintendent for review, as soon as possible. The information needed from the individual calling / reporting must include: name, address, phone number, area of incident (with address), and a description of damage to their vehicle / property. If available, a copy of the police report is recommended. This information, after compiled, will be forwarded to the Town's insurance agent for review. The insurance company will notify the individual of their decision related to the claim.
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