Sanitary Sewer Call-Out

  1. Get name, address, and telephone number of residence with problem.
  2. After arriving on scene, open the manhole below the area of concern, check manhole for surcharge, and diagnose problem.
  3. Once problem is diagnosed, flush sewer line, past the area of concern. This distance must be confirmed with a measuring wheel, and must agree with the footage device on the flusher. All calls require maintenance flushing past the area of concern. (the only exception is if the service line comes into the manhole).
  4. Continue flushing the area until a blockage has been cleared, or if the problem is not Town line related, notify the resident that the Town line is clear, and the resident is responsible for the maintenance of their own service line. A recommendation to the resident to contact a plumber of their choice is appropriate. This contact with the resident must be done with each call out.
  5. Log the call, area, address, individuals responding, footage flushed, and any other pertinent information into the sewer call log book located in the green bin in the flusher cab.
  6. Notify the Highway Superintendent of this call and any related information that may be of value or concern, especially related to future maintenance planning / scheduling.