Catch Basin Cleaning Policy

  1. Catch basins will be cleaned annually in the following areas: main roads, bottom of hills, Town-owned parking lots, areas with known shallow sumps or seep basins.
  2. The Town has over 2000 catch basins within its jurisdiction, and 1 crew with which to clean, and perform maintenance work on sanitary sewer lines and structures. This leaves the Town with no other option than to clean the catch basins in residential areas on a 4 year cycle.
  3. Materials captured during catch basin cleaning are hauled to the Department Public Works yard, and dumped into a de-watering basin, which is connected to the Town sanitary sewer system. Once the material has de-watered it is loaded onto a dump truck and weighed and deposited at the Town landfill, buried with daily solid waste material. (per D.E.P. regulations).
  4. A log is kept by the Sewer Crew, detailing areas cleaned, water usage, and material weight (dry weight after de-watering). This list is compiled by the Highway Superintendent, and a yearly report is issued.